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Moto Explore Indonesia have commenced a hire option for those intrepid travelers that prefer to explore alone, or simply want to ride the best range of Adventure bikes whilst on holiday in Indonesia. All the bikes listed on our tour selection are available for hire and are prepared for solo adventure riding. Standard accessories include panniers (soft/hard dependent on motorcycle), dual purpose tyres, hand protection, body and engine protection, enduro type foot pegs, X-Grip phone mounts, disc lock and other dependent upon particular bike. At Moto Explore its our philosophy to provide Clients with a top spec, fully maintained Adventure bike so you can explore Indonesia starting in Bali and venturing beyond. We dont have a limitation on daily kms travelled, so you can plan your trip as bold or relaxed as you want without incurring travel charges.

We also have comprehensive motorbike insurance for all the displayed bikes which removes the need to pay an exorbitant insurance holding cost when taking delivery of the motorbike.

With over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and in a country where motorcycle transport far outweighs other modes, you can immerse yourself in the culture, sights, smells, tropical weather and scenery. Isnt that what lifes all about?

We enjoy sharing Indonesia with any intrepid traveller and will always respond to any requests/queries you may have about a forthcoming trip. We can provide valuable insights into areas where you are planning to go including ceremonies and government events that may impact on your planned journey. Our team have collectively travelled on dual sport motorbikes throughout many islands and our network of contacts mean that you are never too far away from help should anything unforeseen happen. We are contactable 24/7.

We have a limited selection of boots, helmets, body armour, pants gloves, GPS units, EPIRBs and camping equipment for those wanting the full experience. Please Contact us for any questions about renting, or for information regarding entering Indonesian Adventure rides; such as the Indonesian Moto Adventure Safari, Ring Of Fire National Jamboree, Horizons Unlimited Indonesia or to any of the enduro or other events held throughout the year.