Moto Explore Indonesia Tours Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall form part of the contractual obligations you must abide by. Please ensure you read and understand all components of this document as signing enters you into a contract.

For Tours, Adventures and Expeditions, the following Terms and conditions apply

For motorcycle hire, please see the Motorcycle Hire Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read and agree to the following terms and conditions which form part of the contract you enter into by doing one of our tours.

Terms and Conditions


The word "tour" refers to: trip(s), tour(s), rides, adventure(s),explore, expedition(s) and/or bespoke/custom rides.

The Names "Moto Explore Indonesia"," Moto Explore", "the company" , "our" , "us", "we", "the agent(s)", "employees of Moto Explore Indonesia", "consultants to Moto Explore Indonesia", "contractor(s) to Moto Explore Indonesia" and "sub contractors to Moto Explore Indonesia" refer to the Operator; as per Item 1.

The words "Client"," you", "I", "person", "participant" , "rider" , "individual" or the plural form of the word refer to the entity making the booking and/or participating in a tour. The word "Group" applies collectively to all members in a tour.
    1. The Operator is PT. Moto Explore Indonesia of Ruko Permata Perumnas Bumi Telukjambe Jl.Wibisono Blok LA No. 16 RT.001 RW.019 Desa Sukaluyu, Kecamatan Telukjambe Timur, Kabupaten Karawang.
    1. For tours of one or two days
      1. Payment in full is required at date of booking
      2. Moto Explore endeavor to meet the proposed date, however is subject to change conditional upon weather, other group bookings or cancellations of other riders.
      3. Cancellation refund shall only apply if email is receipted by Moto Explore two weeks (14 days) prior to departure.
    1. For tours of three or four days
      1. A deposit of 30% of the base tour is taken online at date of booking. This deposit establishes a reservation for a trip but does not guarantee exact date of tour. Moto Explore shall endeavor to provide confirmation of tour dates not less than 30 days prior to departure.
      2. Balance of payment must be received four weeks (28 days) days prior to departure.
      3. Failure to submit full balance of payment by the due date shall be deemed as cancellation with deposit monies beyond this date not refundable.
      4. If extenuating circumstances exist where full balance of payment is not able to be made, please contact Moto Explore prior to this date with particulars and a case-by-case assessment shall be determined.
    1. For tours of five days to ten days
      1. A deposit of 30% of the base tour is taken online at date of booking. This deposit establishes a reservation for a trip but does not guarantee exact date of tour. Moto Explore shall endeavor to provide confirmation of tour dates not less than 30 days prior to departure.
      2. Balance of payment must be received six weeks (42) days prior to departure.
      3. Failure to submit full balance of payment by the due date shall be deemed as cancellation with deposit monies beyond this date not refundable.
      4. If extenuating circumstances exist where full balance of payment is not able to be made, please contact Moto Explore prior to this date with particulars and a case-by-case assessment shall be determined.
    1. For bespoke expeditions. Due to the variability in requests received for Bespoke Expeditions, Separate Terms and Conditions shall apply. This is partially a consequence of the number of persons undertaking trip,  location, support vehicles, camera crews, duration and time of year. Once sufficient particulars are received, Moto Explore shall submit a bespoke set of Terms and conditions.
    1. Hotel reservations for all types of tours shall be made as soon as practicable and the details of each night's accommodation shall be issued as part of the email communication in the lead up to the tour. This shall include hotel name, location and contact details. On occasion however it may be necessary to change hotels just prior to, or even during a tour. Wherever possible, these changes shall be forwarded to a nominated email to provide clarity to the person making the booking or other person/s of the necessary running changes. No additional changes shall apply to such alterations as determined by Moto Explore.
    1. In the event that you decide to cancel your trip we must receive notice in writing prior to the nominated dates of the balance of payment listed above. For tours of 2 days or less 50% of your payment will be refunded. For all other trips, it will be at our discretion if to refund from 50% up to 100%.
    1. In order to mitigate from Cancellation Terms and Conditions, it is recommend to obtain travel insurance that includes trip cancellation policy.
    1. It is a requirement that you complete a health questionnaire with full disclosure of medical conditions you have. This is required to ascertain if specialist medical care may be required and also help guide us if you may be taking on a trip beyond your capability. It also flags to us if we need to insist upon a medical certificate from a medical practitioner in that field to confirm you are deemed capable of undertaking the tour. It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately fit and healthy to safely participate in a tour.
    1. Once you place a booking for a set date, we will promote on social media of a booking made by a Client at the dates specified, If no further bookings are made prior to the date where balance of payment is made, we reserve the right to cancel any tour. Correspondence will be given to the person/s who have deposited monies of the additional charges applicable to run the trip if the group want to still undertake the trip but as a very small group. The minimum number of clients required to undertake a trip vary with each trip we offer. Please contact us for current limitations.
    1. In the event that Moto Explore are not able to run the trip you will be notified of the decision and a 20% off the full fee alternate trip will be offered. If you do not accept any alternate proposals, all payments made shall be refunded in full to the account at which the payment was made to or via a nominated PayPal account.
    1. At arrival to the regional office, you will be asked to complete any paperwork not yet finalised and a briefing of the ride shall be conducted. It is important that any questions still not resolved be asked then as once under way, the Tour Leader may not be able to provide an adequate response.
    1. The Tour Leaders are trained to observe the riding ability of every individual rider and particular attention will be taken on the first few stages of the ride. This is a policy of Moto Explore to ensure that the variable options of roads and tracks that we take you on are within your capability to ride without excessive risk to an individual or group or excess risk of damage to a motorcycle. Where there is a discernible disparity in the level of capability of the group, the Tour Leader may adjust the ride to cater for the safety of the rider with the least capability. Alternatively, if the group is big enough to include a Sweep, it may be possible to break the group into 2 in the hardest of sections to take alternative tracks, after which regroup to continue until the next obstacle.
    1. During the trip you are under the care of the Tour Leader. It is imperative that you listen and understand what they ask of the group and the individual and their decision is based upon their experience, training and safety policies of the company have established. If you do not understand, please ask the question again until you fully understand what is being directed. The decisions of the Tour Leader shall be final on all matters regarding the safety and wellbeing of the Client and/or group.
    1. Due to Indonesia being a tropical country and one where the road network, local regional government controls and frequency of ceremonial events, it is often necessary to alter planned routes and on occasion travel on roads that have not been used before on other tours. This is an acceptable and known entity and part of the total experience of adventure type riding.
    1. If the Tour Leader has requested a rider/s to cease doing something that is unsafe, not in respect of local cultural beliefs or is deemed as being a risk to themselves, their motorcycle or the group, and the rider/s does not obey this request, the Tour Leader has at their discretion the right to remove that person/s from the trip. At this point the non conforming rider/s revokes any further right to participate and will have the motorcycle removed from their access. It will be their responsibility to return to their ongoing travel expenses/costs and no refund shall be given for the partially completed tour. in addition,all costs associated with retrieving the bike/s back to the regional office and costs for repairs from malicious damage (if any) will be taken from their credit card with no recourse for refund.
    1. Force majeure events, including but not limited to: acts of war, civil unrest, riots, acts of government/state/regency/maritime authority, terrorism, industrial disputes, border/regency closures, fire, flood, monsoons, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, are events that with all care and attention, could not have been foreseen or avoided by our or our suppliers/associates' due diligence. We shall not be liable for any costs/compensation to the Client or the Client's representative arising from such events, whether during or prior to the ride. We recommend that you check with your local government authority about warnings of the areas in which the tour will travel to make an informed decision if to continue with the trip.
    1. Indonesian quality control and Government regulation may vary considerably to what a rider is accustomed to and extra care and attention to all aspects of a ride must take into consideration this wide variability of products, services, and infrastructure development.
    1. Whilst Moto Explore provide a basic level of cover in the event the rider sustains an injury/illness requiring medical attention, it is restricted to a limited number of available medical centres/hospitals. Depending upon location, the treatments undertaken in these locations may not meet standards of fully developed countries. We highly recommend that the rider takes out their own personal travel insurance policy and require that prior to starting a ride, we obtain the full policy particulars. Note also that travel insurance policies vary widely in the level of cover they provide and it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure a suitable insurance cover is chosen. Please pay particular attention to all policy documentation as it often excludes riding in anything more powerful than a scooter type motorcycle.
    1. Moto Explore provide Comprehensive Insurance policy for all the standard listed bikes available. Instead of being caught out with the full cost of repairs in the event of motorbike damage, all that is payable is the excess if it is deemed beyond standard wear and tear. For motorbikes of 250cc or less, the excess is Rp 4,000,000. For bikes between 251 cc to 650cc, the excess is Rp7,000,000. For anything larger, the excess is Rp 10,000,000. If Client requests a bike that is not in the standard fleet (i.e. one from Katoz in Bandung) an option is available to take out a short term policy to have it also included. Please contact us at the time of booking to ensure adequate time to facilitate this. If a chosen bike does not have comprehensive insurance and the rider has determined that they do not want to take out comprehensive insurance on that bike, then in the event that damage is sustained requiring repairs, the full cost of the repair plus lost of income during the repair period shall be taken out of their issued credit card.
    1. Moto Explore is not liable for a Client's personal effects if lost, stolen, damaged in the course of the tour, irrespective if on a bike, support vehicle, or ferry/other. We also recommend that whilst preparing for your private travel insurance that any particular valuable items such as camera/video equipment valued greater than the generic Insurance cover amount be added as a separate line item of cover.
    1. Moto Explore take pride in providing a ride where the group not only enjoy the experience of riding in a beautiful country but in doing so, travel with a high degree of attention to safety. We ride over a wide array of terrain and the vast majority is on shared roads and tracks where the general public also travel. It is not practicable to remove all hazards and consequently Moto Explore Indonesia is not responsible for any accidents. In accordance with the disclaimer/waiver form, Moto Explore Indonesia along with any agents, employees, contractor(s) and sub contractors along with other participants of the tour cannot be held liable, individually or collectively, for any occurrence that may result in injury, damage or death to the Client, his/her property or his/her family heir(s) or representative(s).
    1. The small number of insurable and fully road registered Adventure motorcycles in Indonesia limit the selection of available bikes for our tours. Once a client selects a bike and makes the booking, we will confirm if that particular bike is available at the nominated dates. If not, we shall advise of alternatives. If the Client decides at this time that the alternate is not suitable, we will refund the deposit. In the event that just prior to the ride, it is necessary for Moto Explore to provide an alternate bike we will notify the Client as soon as possible of the change, however every attempt shall be made to provide what was originally requested. If the same category of bike is available but of a different make, a 5% discount will apply and if only a smaller capacity bike is available, the lesser rate shall apply and in addition a further 5% discount will be enacted. Any overpayments shall be reimbursed using PayPal or credit payment to the nominated account.
    1. We travel through some difficult terrain at times and depending on the type of trip, it is almost inevitable that dropping the bike at low speed may occur. If damage, consistent with that of Minor wear (Definition: minor paint or body chips, scratches and abrasions, gravel pitting to exposed surfaces and tyre wear from normal use), then no repair charges shall apply. If however damage is caused accident damage, dropping a bike causing damage beyond minor wear, or malicious damage, charges shall apply at the discretion of our nominated assessor.
    1. Under no circumstances is a Client to ride a motorcycle when unfit to ride. This includes taking, drinking, ingesting, injecting, inhaling etc., any substance that impairs the Client's ability to operate a motorcycle safely. If it is found that the Client is in breach of this, then Moto Explore is under no obligation to replace a motorcycle if damaged, and the Client is to pay full cost forfeiting their place in the tour and any further tours.
    1. Consumption of alcohol at the end of a day's ride is acceptable but only in moderation. If Moto Explore Tour Leader deems at the following morning's briefing that a rider's capacity is impaired then they have the authority to allow/alter the ride or suspend the impaired rider.

Acceptance of Trips Terms and Conditions

The client will be required to sign a disclaimer/waiver form as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions prior to commencing the tour, that shall exclude/indemnify Moto Explore Indonesia, its agents or employees from any liability of loss or damage, for any injury, death or damage to any person or property arising directly or indirectly from the tour; and any loss or liability incurred by us as a result from possession, use or operation of the motorcycle by the Client.

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